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Top Node JS Development Companies India

Node js Programming framework along with it's other contributing tech stack is well known for building Modern day Mobile and Web applications.

Why Node JS?

  1. One of the best single thread architecture .
  2. Non Blocking and asynchronous nature.
  3. Speedy Data Streaming.
  4. No need to wait for an API to return data hence a great alternative for building data exhaustive applications.
  5. Ability to use JavaScript code on both frontend and backend.

You'll find below a list of 10 Node js service development companies for outsourcing their services from India.

Please note : Listing is based on companies that are a good fit for Outsourcing Specific Node js Development services.

1. Sarvadhi Solution Pvt Ltd

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A great alternative to Node JS Outsourcing from India specially for Modern Day Web Applications.

Why Sarvadhi?

  • Custom tailored solutions
  • Transformative Solutions Provider
  • Reasonable Prices for Software development

Company Details

Employee Count : 200+

Founder : Jatin Dudhat

Head Office : Surat India

Also present in United states and Canada

Hourly Rate for services : $25 - $49 / hr

Areas served : Global

Website : Sarvadhi

2. Code Mentor

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Open Freelancing community , easy to choose from a set of individual developers / Agencies for Node JS Development services

Why Code Mentor ?

  • Quicker response rate for any IT Service
  • Quality Node JS Engineers can be outsourced
  • Commitment to timely deliveries and proactive communication
  • Company Details

    Meet the Founder : Weiting Liu

    Employees : 11- 50 Internal employees

    Areas served : Global

    Website :

    3. Simpform

    logo image for simpform company india for a blog on companies lisitng for node js in india

    Founder in 2010 , Simpform is an IT Software Engineering Company majorly focused on complexed software solutions. The company has been a backbone for many growing startups that went public.

    Why Simpform?

    • It's best Known for reliable remote team of engineers .
    • A great alternative for Mobile App development using Node JS.

    Company Details

    Employee Count : 10,000+

    Based out of : Ahmedabad , India

    Meet the Founder : Prayag Kaasundra

    Website : Simpform

    4. Code B

    logo image for Code B company india for a blog on lisitng companies for node js in india

    Another optimized alternative to outsource any Outsourcing Software Development at reasonable price to development and deployment.

    Why Code B ?

    • Dedicated IT engineers teams available 24/7
    • Quick Product Deployment
    • Major Node JS Focused Expertise for both Web and Mobile Applications

    Company Details

    Total employees : 50+

    Offshoring software development services : India and USA

    Based out of : Mumbai , India

    Meet the Founder : Riddhesh Ganatra

    Website : Code B

    5. Mobikasa

    logo image for mobikasa for a blog on listing companies for node js services in india

    Solution driven Tech Company , major expertise in Node JS Framework . Specializing in Shopify App and Web Development .

    Why Mobikasa?

    • Approachable team and a great fit for Offshoring Software engineering team
    • Focused Node JS framework expertise

    Company Details

    Employee Count : 50+

    Based out of : New Delhi , India

    Charges : $25 - $49 / hr

    Meet the Founder : Tushar Mehta

    Website : Mobikasa

    6. Hiteshi Infotech

    logo image for hiteshi  for a blog on lisitng top companies for node js in india

    Reputable Software Development company with more than 16+ years of expertise in the IT Industry.

    Why Hiteshi Infotech?

    • Proficiency in building user-friendly software solutions.
    • Great fit for offshored development service for Node JS developers.
    • Proactive team of software developers always keen on solving client issues

    Company Details

    Employee count : 200+

    Based out of : Indore , India

    Charges : $25 / hr

    Framework Focus : Node JS , React , React Native

    Meet the Founder : Manoj Mirchandani

    Website : Hiteshi Infotech

    7. Inconflux

    logo image for inconflux listing blog for top companies for node js in india

    A great option for both Front end and Backend development for mobile and web applications using Node JS . They can also help build API's and Node JS Plugins to enhance your running applications.

    Why Inconflux?

    • Wide variety of developers to hire ranging from QA testing to UI UX
    • Custom applications built for any sector of business
    • Perfect fit for Outsourcing , also has a range of Outsourcing Models for hiring a dedicated Software development team.

    Company details

      Clients served : 50+

      Projects for backend and frontend development : 250+

      Based Out of : Ahmedabad , India

      Serving Countries : USA , Germany , Canada

      Website :

      8. Square Infosoft

      logo image or sqaure infosoft lisitng blog for node js companies india

      Leading Mobile app development focused IT Company. A great option for outsourcing mobile app development services.

      Why Square InfoSoft?

    • Genuine client responses show, developers attention to detail.
    • Creative UI /UX solution keeping in mind , the most recent mobile app trends.
    • Quick response team option catering to the client's need and the developers expertise . (within 72 hours)

    Company Details

    Employee Count : 50+

    Clients served : 200+

    Successful Mobile App development projects : 200+

    Head Office : Surat , India

    Website : Square Infotech

    9. Xongolab Technologies

    logo image for xongolab for listing blog on top companies for node js in india

    Another Mobile App development Company , with an aim to help SME businesses , Government Enterprises deploy their own running mobile applications.

    Why Opt for Xongolab ?

    • Versatile sectors served
    • Proven App development expertise

    Company details

    Employee count : 50+

    Head office : Ahmedabad , India

    Hourly rate : $25 - $49 / hr

    Website : Xongolab

    10. Ninja Tech

    logo image for Ninja Tech company India for a blog on listing companies for node js in india

    A website application development company with more than 10 years of experience.

    Why Ninja Tech?

    • Co-operative tech team , readily available at the client's disposal .
    • Great fit for remote website development projects.

    Company Details

    Employee count : 200+

    Based out of : Ahmedabad , India

    Countries served : United States , United Kingdom

    Website : Ninja Tech