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Best Software Development Companies in India in 2024

Software Development Companies

According to well known business reports, data-aggregating websites like Crunchbase or EasyLeadz, an India based data aggregator, the total number of estimated software development companies in the country is anywhere between 40,000-50,000 across sizes.

While these statistics may include micro-enterprises and extremely small freelancing teams, the sheer industry is quite fragmented and seeking RFQs from such a large market can get tricky.

Nasscom, the apex association for software development companies in India has more than 3000+ registered members alone, which goes to show the size of the market that one has to filter through.

So it's a good idea to somewhat familiarize yourself with a few names and also understand the strengths, clientele, which part of India they are based in and the team-size of a few of these companies in India.

We will be segregating the software companies by size, since the medium to small sized IT companies is generally more relevant than the larger, multi-billion dollar software companies, who are generally more picky with their clientele.

We'll also be attaching a downloadable excel spreadsheet at the end of this article so you can access the full list of software companies in India by their strengths.

Dot Squares

Dot Squares

Their website and digital track record may give you the impression that DotSquares is based in the UK, UAE or Australia, which may very well be true but most of DotSquare's team is based in India.

The software company carries 21+ years of excellence in taking up and executing web development, app development, designing and digital transformation projects that span CRM development, customer data management and even digital marketing solutions.

As per their website, they have served more than 12,500 clients globally and the quality and capabilities of their development centre in Jaipur is a testament to their skills.

Dotsquares is one of the few companies in this list that also boasts multi-billion dollar clientele along with medium-small sized firms.

Founded Year: 2002

Cities Present in: Gurgaon, Jaipur in India; London. Brighton, UAE & Toronto

Leadership: Bankim Chandra (CEO), Bahul Candra (Director), Jon Downing (Strategic Advisor) and Shilpi Chandra (Marketing Director)

Strengths: Web Development, Application Development, CRM Consulting & ERP Management Solutions along with strategic online marketing and design services

Size: 10,000+ full time team members according to their website and 1345 active employees on LinkedIn

Accreditations: ISO 9001 certified, Member of STPI and Nasscom

Ideal for: Mid-sized firms and startups


As great as their credentials are there are, there are a few points worth noting.

The company has been in existence for 20+ years and has grown tremendously over the last few years, if you're lookin for value-driven development solutions, you may not be getting the best deal in town.

Additionally, the core of their expertise includes web development, app development. CRM management and digital transformation projects that spans development, operations and marketing functions.

That being said, they are the first referrals for several technologies that we at Code-B don't have deep expertise in, like Shopify, PHP and Laravel.

In fact, for several inbound enquiries and existing clients who're looking for a CRM management or E-commerce partners, DotSquares is the first name we recommend.

Code B

Code B

It's been a remarkable journey building Code-B over the past 8 years. Growing from a size of 4 employees to now a large team of 60+ full stack developers and subject matter experts.

Although, we are by no means "the best IT company" in the country, we take pride in the value-driven solutions we provide to our partners globally.

Our portfolio of small but sticky clientele includes 40 medium to small sized clients, with about 80% of them being global projects.

Our team is entirely based in Mumbai, India and our team specializes in delivering AI/ML projects, consulting and development on cloud-based applications, IoT development, Database building, Chatbots, SaaS development and a few niches in web and mobile application development

Our team includes a whole range of front end, back end, Ui/UX, MERN stack, Mean Stack, DevOps, Cloud and AI/ML programmers who're entirely based out of India to ensure we deliver the best value in IT services without compromising on development quality



Ahex Technologies is based in Hyderabad, Telangana and specializes in Object oriented programming. The company has been in existence since 2008 and has developed deep expertise in Data Analytics, Visualizations, Warehousing, ERP development and blockchain based technologies.

Like Code-B, Ahex also works with a fairly limited set of 80 clients globally that spans startups, SMBs and enterprises

Alongside the software development types mentioned above, the company also develops mobile applications, builds NLP models and runs QA & software testing models and owns end to end information technology processes for companies.

Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana

Founding Year: 2009

Leadership Team: Parth Shukla (CEO), Saurabh Srivastava (CTO & Co-founder)

Specialities: NLP Modelling, Software Testing, Cloud-based Application development, ERP Development

Engagement Models: Hourly (with dedicated or part time developers or development teams), Build Operate transfer, Staff Augmentation, time & materials.

Size: 127 active Employees as reported by LinkedIn

Cities Present in: Delaware, India

Accreditation: Nasscom Member, ISO 9001 Certified, registered as an MSME in India,

Chimera Technologies

Chimera Technologies

The first company in this list based out of Bangalore, one of the leading software hubs in the country, Chimera technologies is widely known their excellent track record as a product development company.

The software firm is the first in this list that is led by a female founder and can trace its origin to being a simple classroom application that was before its time.

With expertise in microservices, Power BI & Analytics, Mobile app development and maintenance and and full-service team, Chimera is the extended offshore team most companies would love to work with

However, Chimera team has completed 150+ projects since its existence, with many of them being projects for enterprise clientele. So working with them may set you back as far as development costs are concerned.

Headquarters: Bangalore, India with offices in Delaware, Singapore

Leadership: Padma Duraiswamy, Karthick Purushothaman

Expertise: Product Development, SaaS development, Power BI, Microservices development

Founding Date: 2001

Engagement Models: Onshore delivery, offshore development support, Build Operate Transfer

Tata Consulting Services


The software development arm of Tata Group, one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in India. What started as a Skunkworks project deep in the boardrooms of Tata Group in early 1968 has today emerged as the biggest cash cow for the multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

The company generated consolidated revenue of $27.9 Billion in the last fiscal year ended March 31st 2023 (Financial years in India begin on April 1st)

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Leadership: N Chandrashekaran (Chairman),

Expertise: Digital Transformation (especially revamping legacy systems), Cybersecurity, Database management including warehousing, building data lakes and analytics; Cybersecurity & SecOps, IoT solutions,

Founding Date: 2001

Engagement Models: TCS bills based on the number of resources allocated to any given client project. Due to the exclusivity of the projects they engage with, we don't have much information on the engagement models they offer


Ideal For: Large enterprises, well-funded startups and extremely specialized development



Founded by Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani and N S Raghavan alongside several well known Indian entrepreneurs and key figures.

Infosys has consistently made it on the top 10 software service firms globally.

Compared to other software behemoths in its league, the company was a late entrant as a software company in India but since it began its operations, the growth story has been exceptional.

Initially, the company was largely confined to level 1 or 2 outsourced technical work but in the last couple of decades the company's focus has shifted to Next Generation AI services, building and maintaining services and application on the cloud

The company serves the banking and finance industry with cybersecurity solutions, conceptualizing and developing customer digital journeys, building and testing enterprise Ecommerce applications and a slew of business business software services

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Leadership: N.R Narayan Murthy (CEO), Nandan Nilekani (Co-founder), D. Sundaram (Lead Independent Director)

Expertise: Agile Devops, Application Modernization, Cloud Development & Maintenance, Generative AI, Salesforce Development and deep tech expertise in E-commerce technologies

Founding Date: 1981

Engagement Models: Build Operate Transfer, Dedicated IT Teams and Dedicated Resources model

Ideal For: Large enterprises, well-funded startups and extremely specialized development

Website Link:

Hyperlink Infosystems

Founded by Harnil Oza in 2011, the company originally began its life as an quality and value focused app development company that would serve companies in the United States and India.

After nearly a decade of excellence in this space, the company has now evolved into a full-service IT company with a special focus on Large language model development, integrating AI-led solutions into existing business processes coupled with a whole plethora of E-commerce, web development and CMS-specific solutions.

The company also does custom development on existing tech stack, which includes, salesforce development, Hubspot development, Oracle, Microsoft and Azure programming.

The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad and has offices spread across United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Leadership: Harnil Oza (CEO & Founder), Krunal Patadia (VP Sales)

Expertise: Agile Devops, Application Modernization, Cloud Development & Maintenance, Generative AI, Salesforce Development and deep tech expertise in E-commerce technologies

Founding Date: 2011

Engagement Models: Staff Augmentation Model, Dedicated Teams, Fixed Scope projects

Ideal For: Medium and Small companies looking to scale or optimize their Mobile Application development and everything associated with it.


logo of wp web infotech

Founded in 2017 by Mr Jigar Shah, mentions on the internet generally mentions the company as a US-based firm. Although this may be partly true, the company's DNA is largely Indian and most of its active employees are based out of India itself

The company is well known for its cost-effective alternatives when it comes to building websites, e-commerce solutions, plugins, rudimentary mobile applications and high-level automations.

Think of it as a go-to-market digital transformation specialist for small and medium enterprises. The company's laser focus on value-led software solutions generally results in clients having to spend only a fraction of the estimated development costs.

For instance, instead of building a large custom website on Angular, Vue, Nuxt, Next or Laravel, the company will leverage off-the-shelf solutions with Wordpress, Woo-Commerce and open-source plugins.

Although there are several drawbacks to this approach, smaller and mid-size firms generally can make do with these solutions, especially in the initial days of the pilot experiments and this approach has given WPwebinfotech a unique edge in this space.

We recommend all out inbound enquiries, especially those who are cost-sensitive and are generally in the pilot phases of their testing to check out Wpwebinfotech's services.

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Leadership: Jigar Shah (Founder, CEO)

Expertise: PHP development, wordpress, woocommerce, shopify, magento, digital and social media marketing

Founding Date: 2017

Engagement Models: Fixed Price, On-site and hourly models as detailed here

Ideal For: SMBs and pilot development projects

Vision Infotech

vision infotech logo

Vision Infotech has worked with a range of clientele across Logistics, Fintech, Insurance, retail and event management and Ed-tech industries. A whole portfolio of their work can be found here

Under the leadership of Dhiren Vaghani, CEO & Founder, the company has built expertise on a whole slew of software projects, and the company now specializes in front end development and UI/UX services globally.

The company was founded in 2012 and has consistently delivered projects globally. Interestingly, Dhiren himself worked his way up, initially as a project manager and now as the CEO, which speaks volumes of the opportunities the company provides for its employees.

Headquarters: Surat, Gujarat

Core Focus: Front-end Development, UI/UX Integrations, AWS & Cloud Application Development, E-commerce development & Zoho Custom development services