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Top 10 Companies for Python Development in India

Python has been one of the most used programming language for a decade now. And it's relevance is still into consideration even in the most recent years . One of the prominent reasons why python is renowned is because it's a multipurpose programming language for both front end and backend development.

Hiring developers for python software web development from India is a great option when it comes to reasonable pricing for their services.

There a lot many reputed python development companies in India , that could potentially be an asset for outsourcing/offshoring python development.

I'm listing the top 10 Companies from India that I feel are the most relevant for Outsourcing Python development in 2024.


Cognizant logo India vector image

One of the top IT companies and global leaders based out of India.

The company has been in the industry for a longest period of time.

Their ability to develop solutions catering to their clients has led to a fortune of long term relations with their prospects.

They are also a great alternative to outsource software development with leading software developers with top notch skillsets covering major frameworks like Python , react , Java , Vue .

Years if experience : 30+

Number of employees : 347,700 globally

Service offering : Global

Website :

Tech Mahindra

tech mahindra india logo vector image

Another Market Leader for Software development solutions and consulting.

They specialize in enterprise level consulting and development. Number of awarded dedicated towards the company's initiative over the years.

Proven track record of maintaining good relations with clients hence a great option for outsourcing any software development. Majorly for a Multi national level Company.

They can help you build :


Cloud services

Cyber security

Data analytics

Generative AI

Telecom product engineering

Years of experience : 20+

Number of employees : 145,000+

Service offering : Global

Website :

Mobsioft Infotech

Mobisoft infotech india vector image

Mobisoft Infotech is an ISO 27001:2013 certified global digital product development company. 

Years of experience : 14+

Team members : 250+

Global product offerings : 37+ countries

Known for their holistic transformative solutions they majorly specialize in enterprise web development and consulting .

Mobisoft utilizes python framework mainly for server side programming and data analytics for digital product engineering .

Code -B

code b IT Company vector image india

I layed the foundation of Code B approximately 6 years back with a couple of other Co- Founding partners .

So far , we have been successful in bridging the execution gap offering end-to-end technology planning and a desired end product.

Total employees : 50+

Offshoring software development services : India and USA

We deliver python development services for building a strong backend structure for your web application with an enhancement of ai automation.

Loremine Technologies

loremine tech software vector image

Loremin Tech Organziation is known for it's major expertise in Python development .

Main office : Kerala , India

Total Number of employees : 50+

Global python development offering : 6+ countries

Meet the Founder of Loremine Tech : Niranjan Bhaskaran

Just like Code-B , the tech team in Loremine leverage Python programming for cutting-edge software development projects including machine learning and web development.

A great option for Outsourcing specific python based web applications.

BM Coder

BM Coder IT Company India vector image

BM Coder has promising service offerings , with an optimistic approach towards project execution , the company assures it's clients that their project require almost no rework and that the client- software development provider relationship will always remain hassle free.

Years of expertise : 6+

Number of employees : 11-50

Meet the Founder : Brijesh Mishra

Global services offering : 15+ Countries

They have a cluster of variation in service offering using python development , you can opt for hiring offshoring developers mainly for :

Django web development

Flask develop development

Python API development


irasys software development company vector image

Irasys is again a great alternative to consider for Outsourcing specific python development services with a professional team of experts well-versed with this premium python coding language and can use it to design the best business solutions for your company.

Based out of : Noida , India

Number of employees : 25+

Meet the Co-Founder : Vikram Singh

Operating in India and United states as well . They are offering modern solution using python development mainly for gaming applications , app development , application maintenance.


peerbits software development company vector image

Peerbits decent python automation development company for outsourcing their services . Their Python web development services are driven by industry-leading automation, efficient network management, and adopting modern tools.

Years of experience : 12+

Number of employees : 180+

Their pool of developers offer expertise in Offshore IOT apps , Devops available in any type of outsourcing right from offshoring to nearshoring models.


ageis it company vector image

Aegis Softwares specalize in both Small and Big enterprises to help them build data science and machine learning platforms using python programming language.

Years of expertise : 15 years

Number of employees : 100+


synkarma software development company vector image

Synkarma solely focusing on being hired as python offshore developers.

Years of experience : 10 +

Number of employees : 40+

Total projects completed : 200+

One of the founder : Vivek Todi

They can help you build Mobile applications , Machine learning solutions , CMS development , Python upgradation and Migration and much more