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Complete Costing Breakdown of Mobile App development in India

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Almost every other business offering any product/service demands to be placed on a digital medium in a way so that this strategic listing / positioning allows your customer to access any desired details about your offerings all in one place. This makes it easy for you to sell and for the client to buy your product/ service offerings without any hassle.

The essence of a mobile app lies in its ability to synchronize the interaction between businesses and their clientele. By consolidating all pertinent information and offerings within a single, easily accessible interface, mobile apps empower customers to navigate through a company's catalog, access detailed product/service descriptions, and make purchases or inquiries with utmost convenience.

Hiring Mobile app developers from India - How and Why?

India has now become a fast growing market for mobile app development services. Top countries from all around the world consider offshoring app development from developers based out of India.

Why so?

Major difference in costing.
  • One of the primary reasons for outsourcing app development to India is the significant cost advantage.
  • Compared to developers in countries like the United States, the hourly rates for Indian developers are notably lower.
  • While rates can vary, you might find developers in India offering their services for $15 to $30 per hour for a standard service.
  • This stark contrast in pricing makes India an attractive destination for businesses looking to develop mobile apps without breaking the bank

No compromise in quality
  • Despite the cost advantage, there's no compromise on the quality of work when you hire mobile app developers from India.
  • Indian developers are known for their proficiency in app development, often delivering outputs that meet or even exceed client expectations.
  • Software engineering is one of the oldest stem courses in India , making it more saturated with very minimum scope for do-overs.
  • Hence, finding a reliable team of offshore developers is comparatively a lot easier .
  • This combination of affordability and quality makes India a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable mobile app solutions.

Should you opt for Cheap Mobile App development ?

Looking for developers with low cost isn't always the right answer . I've witnessed it first hand , what you will get is just a standard service operator with the knowledge and skills to create and deploy an app with a very little conscience for creativity ( Custom UI/UX ) .

An ideal mobile app developer should be able to prompt you with inputs based on his/her knowledge that can help you leverage your app's relevance and user friendliness .

If you are really low on resources , an alternate way out is to focus on building performance and speed initially .

In many cases your app will be fine with just quick response time and a few basic features. Later , you can keep adding dynamic front end updates as and when felt necessary .

But hiring a dedicated development team for app development ideally includes a lot more that just hourly rate as a contributing factor .

Hidden Costs for Mobile App development

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  • Management
  • Testing
  • Churn rate

Developing and deploying an app requires a lot of coding and auditing . Developers often de prioritize managing communication in the midst of the entire process .

This is a major concern mainly because coding front end and backend for your application will take a certain amount of time , and in that time span the developer will have to spend time fixing any bugs , making changes , deploying changes and then audit the final updates and make sure everything falls in sync.

You will have to dedicate your time and energy to make sure that your are entirely in loop with the developers and their work .

In most cases , employers might not necessarily be familiar with what goes down in the making of an app.

So , there's always a need to hire an external consultant /manager to lead and take updates from your developing team.

In such situations , it's better to hire an agency to get your work done. You can always look for tech startups with quality assurance and maybe cheaper cost for service.

Code B is one such tech startup , ready to meet client's end at reasonable costs to incur.

Approximate estimation of the costing for your app development

Quick Insight
India is a hub for (IT Tech) Mobile App Developers / Companies with over approx 4000 Tech Startups officially registered as Application development companies. App development costs in India are almost 20-30% cheaper than American or European Countries . Over 3% of active app developers on google pl Show More...

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Imagining your final Product

  • Even before your start building your app , what you need is a well thought idea of how and what all features your app should have .
  • First step is to Plan , strategize and evaluate usage of resources to be used to make your end product.
  • For this to be done by a team of developers from India , it will cost you $999-$10k approximately depending on the complexity of your requirements .

At Code B , we make sure to prepare an outline for a brief overview for all the steps and costing for each step of your custom app development right from ideation to deployment.

Mapping out user Journeys and Wireframes

A complete blueprint of the target user flow .

  • Identify Target Users: Research and create detailed profiles of your target users. Include demographics, behavior patterns, goals, and pain points.

  • Scenarios and Goals: Outline specific scenarios for each persona that describe their interaction with your product and the goals they want to achieve.
  • User Journey Stages: Identify and map the stages a user goes through when interacting with your product. Common stages include Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, and Advocacy.

  • Touchpoints and Actions: Detail the touchpoints (interactions) and actions taken by the user at each stage. Note down the user’s emotions, needs, and potential barriers
  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes: Start with low-fidelity wireframes to sketch out the basic structure and layout of each screen or page. Focus on the placement of key elements without worrying about design details.

  • User Flows Integration: Ensure that the wireframes align with the user journey by mapping out the flow from one screen to the next based on user actions and decisions.

  • High-Fidelity Wireframes: Once the low-fidelity wireframes are approved, create high-fidelity versions that include detailed design elements, such as colors, fonts, images, and interactive elements.

  • Interactive Prototypes: Develop interactive prototypes to simulate the user experience. Tools like Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD can be used to create clickable prototypes that allow stakeholders to experience the user journey firsthand.

Categories of app you can build and their Costing

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How much does it cost for app maintenance in India?

If you've read enough through the blog , you'd now know that the cost to develop an app ( Both ios and android) is way cheaper in India compared to other countries. Same is the case to maintain the overall performance and speed of your app that's developed.

Standard maintenance costs for your mobile app in India is ranges from $15-$100. To be more precise , your app maintenance will ideally be 20% -40% less than your actual cost incurred to develop an app .

Why maintain your app ?

  • Increased ranking on app stores
  • Durability of your app
  • Multi functional add ons
  • Constant updates to secure your mobile app
  • Bug fixes

Breakdown of app maintenance costs

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Process for deploying your app on Google Play store in India

Deploying an app on the Google Play Store involves several steps, from setting up your developer and merchant accounts to preparing and uploading your APK. Here’s a detailed guide tailored for Indian apps:

1. Create a Google Developer Account

  1. Official Google Account: Ensure you have an official Google account. If not, create one at
  2. Developer Account: Go to the Google Play Console and sign in with your Google account.
  3. Register: Click on "Create a Developer Account".
  4. Accept Developer Agreement: Read and accept the Developer Distribution Agreement.
  5. Pay the Registration Fee: The one-time registration fee is $25 USD (approximately ₹1,800).
  6. Complete Profile: Fill in your developer profile with accurate details.

2. Create a Google Merchant Account

  1. Access Merchant Account Setup: Within the Google Play Console, go to "Settings" > "Payments settings".
  2. Set Up Merchant Profile: Click on "Set up a merchant account now".
  3. Enter Business Details: Provide detailed business information, including your legal business name, address, and tax details.
  4. Verify Information: Follow the instructions to verify your account. This will allow you to sell paid apps and in-app purchases.

3. Create Your App on Google Play Console

  1. Add a New App: In the Google Play Console, click on "All apps" > "Create app".
  2. Fill App Details: Enter the app name, default language, and app type (app or game). Specify if it's a free or paid app.
  3. Declare Content: Complete the required declarations, such as the Privacy Policy and content rating.

4. Prepare a Store Listing

  1. App Information: Provide detailed information about your app, including:
  2. Graphics and Media:
  3. Category and Tags: Select the appropriate category and add relevant tags to help users find your app.
  4. Contact Details: Provide a contact email and website for customer support.

5. Prepare and Upload Your APK

  1. Build Your APK: Use Android Studio to build your APK. Ensure it’s signed with a release key.
  2. Upload the APK: In the Google Play Console, navigate to "Release" > "Production" > "Create new release".
  3. Release Details: Provide release notes for your APK.
  4. Upload APK: Drag and drop your APK file into the console.

6. Set Pricing and Distribution

  1. Pricing: Set your app as Free or Paid. Note that you cannot change a paid app to free once set.
  2. Distribution: Select the countries where you want your app to be available. Ensure India is selected.
  3. Age Rating: Complete the content rating questionnaire to receive an age rating for your app.

7. Review and Publish

  1. Review: Check all details thoroughly. Ensure there are no errors or incomplete sections.
  2. Submit for Review: Click on "Review" and then "Start rollout to production".
  3. Publishing: Once reviewed and approved by Google, your app will be live on the Play Store.

8. Monitor and Improve

  1. Analytics: Use the Google Play Console to monitor your app’s performance, download statistics, and user feedback.
  2. Updates: Regularly update your app to fix bugs, add features, and improve user experience.
  3. User Feedback: Engage with users by responding to reviews and addressing concerns.

Additional Tips for Indian Apps

  • Localization: Consider localizing your app for multiple Indian languages to reach a wider audience.
  • Compliance: Ensure your app complies with Indian regulations and guidelines, especially regarding data privacy and content.
  • Marketing: Leverage social media, digital marketing, and collaborations to promote your app within India.

In house agency / Freelancing for your mobile app development in India

In my opinion, an in-house agency is the most convenient option for app development services, not only in India but anywhere in the world. Here's why:

Let's consider a basic example of developing and deploying a website.

  • You require a developer, a UI/UX designer to make your mobile app unique, and a professional who can help optimize your product listing on search engine mediums like Google.
  • This assumes you have enough knowledge to market your product or service offering, eliminating the need to hire a professional for that aspect.
  • Finding an individual who can fulfill all these roles would be challenging. Each step mentioned above is equally important to ensure that your end product is truly worthwhile.
  • By having an in-house agency, you can have a dedicated team with specialized skills in various areas of app development.
  • This ensures smoother communication, better collaboration, and a higher quality end product.
  • Additionally, having an in-house team allows for greater control over the development process and easier implementation of changes or updates.
  • Overall, the convenience and efficiency of an in-house agency make it the preferred choice for app development services, regardless of location.

At Code B , we can help you with end to end development , deployment and even thorough maintenance for your mobile app developed. With an assurance of better results , quality communication , very minimum need to prompt us or any overdue loopholes throughout the process .

Looking for any specific app development ? We offer custom app development services for :

  1. Travel app
  2. Taxi App
  3. Transportation app
  4. Enterprise Supply Chain software
  5. Custom Fintech App for your enterprise

Market rate for possible mobile Tech and frameworks for frontend and backend of your mobile app

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