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Top Devops Development Companies in India

In the fast paced world of software development, factors like efficiency, agility, and reliability are essential for any development of an software/tool.

DevOps is one such a methodology that implements the development lifecycle by integrating software development with IT operations.

Looking for a specific DevOps service requirement? Our dedicated DevOps developers can help you out with a plethora of development and consulting needs.

From version control systems like Git to continuous integration/delivery platforms such as Jenkins and containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes, these tools helps developer teams to collaborate , deploy with confidence.

By breaking down silos between development, QA, and operations teams, the end product of DevOps Development process is a software that meets customer needs swiftly, adapts to changing market demands , and keeps updating to meet growing user bases.

Scope of hiring a dedicated Devops Team

For businesses seeking to harness the power of DevOps without the hassle of building and maintaining their own infrastructure, hiring a DevOps development service is the answer.

From initial strategy and assessment to implementation, deployment, and ongoing support, a DevOps service provider offers an overall expertise to accelerate your journey towards DevOps maturity.

I am listing down a few , Top Companies to hire for DevOps Development services.

The list has a mixture of companies that are suitable for either Big Multi National Corporations or Middle/Small Enterprises . Choose the best possible option for your enterprise depending on your Budgets and resource allocations.

List of Companies in India for DevOps Development services


accenture Indian IT Company  vector image

One of the top leaders in the Indian IT Consulting and Solutions.

They have a proven track record of over DevOps setup and Management for their clients for many years now. Majorly known for creating and managing custom Devops pipeline.

Their expert services are mainly for companies on enterprise levels.

Company Details

TCS ( TATA Consulting Services)

tcs Indian IT Company vector image

Traditional and ever growing IT Developments and Consultants based out of India , but have a mass global presence for end to end software development worldwide.

Devops being their one of the major and productive service offering has been successfully benefiting companies for next gen cloud first applications.

Their devops solutions have the integration of recently seen Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Tech and Frameworks.

What all is included in their Devops Service?
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Testing offloading Products
  • Product development
  • Systems Integration Testing

Company Details

  • Years of experience : 50+
  • Number of employees : 601k+
  • Service offerings : Global
  • Website :

Code B

code b IT Company vector image india

Reliable Software development and consulting firm based out of Mumbai , India. Code B 's DevOps Services covers sectors ranging from Finance and Banking , ed tech , e-commerce and retail and many such varied business sectors.

What all is included in their Devops Service?
  • Problems Tracking
  • Security Administrations'
  • Quality review
  • Project recovery
  • Automated Production process testing
  • Company Details

    • Total employees : 50+
    • Offshoring software development services : India and USA
    • Based out of : Mumbai , India
    • Meet the Founder : Riddhesh Ganatra
    • Website : Code B


    Cognizant logo India vector image

    Another Top leading alternative for IT Service .

    Their Dedicated DevOps team has a proven track record of taking responsible initiatives for an innovative DevOps pipeline especially for complex tools , any software and mobile application .

    Many of their Software Configurations Management systems developed have been utilized by Car manufacturers.

    Company Details

    • Years if experience : 30+
    • Number of employees : 347,700 globally
    • Service offering : Global

    Closeloop Technologies

    Indian IT Compsny vector image

    Software development company based out of California , but has a it's main development center in India.

    A great alternative to offshore software development services


    • Dedicated Team of Developers
    • Proven track record of successful project collaboration
    • Years of developed expertise with different outsourcing models
    • Efficiency in maintaining good client relationships

    Variety of Devops Service offerings

    • Consulting and Auditing
    • Configuration Management
    • Global reach via development centres across the globe

    Company Details

    • Years of experience : 20+
    • Development centres : US and India
    • Number of employees : 100+
    • Meet the VP : Saurabh Sharma
    • Website :

    Anika Technologies

    anika tech Indian IT Company vector image

    A great alternative to offshore/outsource any software development service. They have a set developers solely for the purpose of hiring , training , lead projects for clients on field/ operating remotely .

    Their DevOps Specialty

    • Big Data Solutions using standard frameworks like Hadoop, Apache Spark, and NoSQL databases. 
    • Develop and implement a pipeline to bridge the gap between development process and the teams working in the backend .
    • Their enterprise solutions can help you store, process, and analyze large volumes of data, unlocking valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

    Company details


    bluebash Indian IT Company vector image

    Bluebash provides software automation services by leveraging DevOps. Like the above mentioned company , even this tech company has an option to opt for dedicated developers , or a team of ai engineers / developers to carry out your software development service.

    Services they Offer

    • Release Management
    • Infrastructure management
    • Capacity Management consulting

    Company Details

    Years of experience : 5+

    Number of employees :50+

    Company presence : India , North America , UK

    Meet the Founder : Anuj Dhanju

    Website :


    anviam Indian IT Company vector image

    Anvium covers a diverse set of industries ,providing their software development services to these industry niches

    1. Oil and Gas
    2. Manufacturing ( end to end Management software solutions)
    3. Telecommunication
    4. Insurance
    What all to expect from their DevOps development services?
    • Integration of apt toolchains
    • Built in automation for your enterprise softwares
    • Platform Configuration

    Company Details

    • Years of experience : 10+
    • Number of employees : 100+
    • Company presence : Global
    • Website :


    yozytech Indian IT Company

    This organization has it's own standard DevOps SAAS product called DEVOZY , it's a ready made software enabling access to

    1. Immediate access to provision project environments.
    2. CI/CD pipelines to perform code scans & testing, build, containerize and orchestrate them either in on-prem, cloud, cloud native even across multi-clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure) in fewer clicks.

    Company Details

    Startup based out of : Tamil Nadu , India

    Website :


    Cloud eq indian IT Company vector image

    An IT Multi National Company providing services mainly for Cloud Computing and DevOps. Cloud EQ is known for their code of conduct / values and ethics , mainly when dealing with their set of clients.

    Their extensive DevOps service features

    • Improve software quality
    • Decrease Devops and security roadblocks
    • Increased speed
    • Rapid task delivery and management
    • Improve compliance and governance posture
    • Better security

    Company Details

    Number of employees : 1000+

    Years of experience : 20+

    Company presence : Multiple offices in India , US.

    Website :